Short Code

Short Code is a short & memorable five digit number that is used for two way communication between sender and recipients. We are licensed by CA (Communication Authority) to issue and run short codes with all the Mobile Networks in Kenya.

What is a Short Code?

A short code is a five digit number e.g 20013 that allows two way communication between the sender and recipients unlike Bulk SMS which only allows one communication. Short Codes can be used as a branding tool because they are short and memorable.

Bulk SMS short codes are similar to regular phone numbers in that when you send a message from them the sender incurs network charges but the recipient receives the message for free.

Premium Rate short codes on the other hand allow the sender to generate an income by charging users for receiving an SMS. The end user is typically deducted Kes. 6-10 for receiving an SMS.

Use Short codes for;

  • Manage and run SMS competitions
  • Run a quiz or survey
  • Create an opt in database
  • Create Sales Leads
  • Create revenue generating opportunities
  • Create a donation service