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08 December, 2020

Bulk SMS for Debt Collection

Debt collection is a tasking affair. Staying on your toes is the most effective way to avoid defaulters of your service. It's also a tasking affair to constantly keep tabs with your borrowers. Which calls for automations - enter Advanta Bulk SMS. Some small debts are honestly and genuinely forgotten according to most borrowers.

A quick SMS reminding the borrower of their debt (regardless of how small) improves the repayment rate. Automated Bulk SMS is also a cheaper solution for communication with customers as compared to having representatives call each client to remind them about their debt repayment. 

Most providers already apply this service. They employ Bulk SMS and Sender ID methods in their customer handling. It is a powerful and cost efficient tool of communication between lenders and borrowers. 

API integration is usually the first step in such systems. Integrating the systems with a bulk SMS platform takes the human touch out of the equation which reduces the margin for error while also providing automated reports.

From the moment a borrower enrols into a lender's system, they are automatically added to the list of clients. Which also serves as a marketing tool for these brands to reach out to customers and encourage them to borrow.

Advanta Africa is among the leading integrators in Kenya for bulk SMS services. Using end to end solutions such as API Integration, SenderID registration, Bulk SMS Services, customer training and hand-holding, Advanta has become a market leader being opted for by many money lending providers and banks in the country.

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