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15 July, 2022

Top Bulk SMS Marketing Trends in 2022

Owing to the highly difficult nature of the market, growing a business can be quite challenging. The right method to business success involves using the right marketing strategies and tracking your business the right way. The utilization of bulk SMS by businesses is effective. Businesses require communicating with their customers today. The need for bulk SMS marketing features in a business system. SMS marketing has emerged as an effective marketing tool for generating leads and amplifying ROI.

With the help of SMS, businesses can communicate interactively with their customers for increasing sales and growth. As per the latest research, we have found that more than 85% of SMS opened by users lies in the highest when compared to several other marketing methods such as email marketing, display advertising, social media marketing, PPC marketing and many more. In this blog, we will focus on the different Bulk SMS marketing trends that are going to rule in 2022 and also in the upcoming years. In this blog, we are going to discuss the different facets of Bulk SMS marketing trends in 2022.

Let’s take a look at the important trends of SMS marketing below.

Important bulk sms marketing trends

SMS as a customer service channel

In advertising divisions, client care is a relevant part of following through with a brand’s guarantee. The Bulk SMS service acts as a customer service channel that concentrates on displaying that more than half of customers rely on messaging client care representatives than calls. Therefore, this trend turned out to be more standard.

Automation of bulk sms

Gone are the days of manual SMS sending and therefore, it is important to understand the significance of SMS automation that is important for business. For instance, one can utilize notifications to notify existing customers as an achievement of a milestone happens. It means if a client has added a product to the cart but has not purchased it, it will notify the client. Automation of Bulk SMS assists businesses to grow.

Demand for personalization

SMS marketing is one of the most important as well as affordable ways of increasing customer engagement in your brand. During the pandemic situation mobile messaging was mostly by businesses. On the basis of the latest research conducted, it has been found that more than 50 million people around the world have been selected to receive mobile SMS for businesses. Most consumers think that SMS is the best way to grab the attention of their business. Many individuals are drawn to messages that are personalized, informative and so forth.

Real-Time messaging

With the help of Bulk SMS marketing, one can easily communicate in real-time. For other marketing platforms, it can take a long time to broadcast campaigns without the guarantee of reaching a higher customer base. SMS marketing can be easily sent to different customers all at once and also successfully received by all at the same time. SMS traffic has significantly increased every year and it is expected to continue.

SMS & applications

Nowadays, mobile users have access to distinct genres of a mobile application that is capable of sending messages comprising Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. However, SMS service is still significance dominating the market.

The two way bulk sms

The two-way bulk SMS helps brands and businesses to send as well as receive messages to and from many recipients. The entire system is now implemented through an API-related web-based platform. Long codes & short codes enable customers to send simple keywords to you. The computer or phone app utilizes the system to allow you to reply to the messages.

Do you want bulk SMS for your business? Then you should also acknowledge that it is the most effective way to reach potential clients even with restricted resources and manpower. With the help of bulk SMS marketing, your business will make more sales and increase conversions.

Integration of Ai & automation

Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly popular among several industry verticals. Chatbots are already getting used in bulk SMS services. It is one of the efficient ways to have conversations that are quite similar to human conversions through SMS. As the text of the incoming SMS involves a specific keyword, the enterprise or business can make effective use of automation for sending the client a preliminary written message. Additionally, one can easily schedule recurring campaigns comprising the text engine and message schedule.

Use of Emoji

Nowadays, people are becoming fonder of smileys and emojis. As a result, many apps and social networks are using emoticons. Businesses have begun looking for creative ways to add a sense of friendliness and attachment to their content. This, in turn, creates a personal and professional atmosphere by interacting with your customers. Emojis not only create a sense of personal touch among customers but also produces humor out of the situation.

Final conclusion

Since primordial times SMS is considered the best way to interact and reach customers. With passing time came the advent of email marketing, social media platforms and many more. Are you in search of robust bulk SMS marketing services? AdvantaSMS is a premium bulk SMS marketing company offering quality bulk SMS marketing services to clients all across the globe. To know more about the operations and strategies involved in bulk SMS marketing services, then connect with the AdvantaSMS professionals at any time.

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