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07 December, 2021

What are the key factors to buy a perfect Bulk SMS system for your business?

Any company from any industry easily earns profits from a bulk SMS messaging system. It is one of the most effective and simplest ways to connect with employees, friends, customers, family, volunteers, and many more. While the list may not be comprehensive, there are many reasons why you need to consider sending a text message to your potential customers. Sending Bulk SMS will stop customers from predicting the other recipients to which the SMS was sent. Also, with bulk SMS messaging it is possible to send a message to a group while it may appear that the message was sent to a single individual.

Key factors to buy a Bulk SMS system

The key to purchasing a bulk SMS system suitable for your business is to pay more focus on the below four factors that shows how you can manage your target audience.

List building tools

It is very important to know about your target audience before you decide about sending messages. You need to ensure some of the essential factors in advance for buying any bulk SMS.

  • Import as many contacts as needed.
  • Create numerous text-to-join keywords that are required.
  • Make sure the bulk SMS provider has the facility of sending messages to the locations that your end users live in. In general, it is applicable while you send messages outside of Canada and the U.S. and Canada.
  • Integrating and exchanging contact details between your point of sale systems, email marketing tools, and a lot more.

Features and customizations

To make sure that you need to save time, you may need to select a bulk SMS service which has almost all the required features. The feature of personalizing messages with notes and names must be a given. You may also need to be careful of various bulk messaging platforms which may charge additionally for all these types of additional features. They need to add these features quickly. Also, you may need to look for the services that provides various features such as:

  • MMS messaging: These kinds of messages will offer the ability of sending even rich media such as videos and photos.
  • Away messages: Away messages are easy to set up with auto-replies for all the inboxes that are unmonitored.
  • Segments: These help in sending messages easily and quickly to the group of your contacts by sorting efficiently.
  • Integrations: It is easy to connect various communication tools for a smooth messaging experience.

Phone number options

Based on the total number of contacts you need to send messages, the mobile number you want to text your customers matters. Toll-free numbers and dedicated shortcodes will easily deal with a lot of messages smoothly. You need to ensure the service you need to buy will offer you an alternative to make use of one of the options in order to avoid problems if you attempt sending to your first campaign.


The phone numbers need to be secure and confidential and the company which provides the bulk SMS services should not share these numbers with others without taking your permission. There are various companies that are selling the details to some other third party, which violates how you can build and the confidentiality rule.


Almost all the businesses prefer to opt for the cheapest option, but it may not make it successful all the time. Apart from focusing completely on the cost of a message, a better idea is to find out the providers offering tiered plans along with the customized options. You can also find out the pricing calculator tools which assist you to purchase what you require while avoiding over-buying.


Bulk SMS can reach a huge audience with the same content in the message. It always eliminates writing the similar SMS again and again while sending to multiple customers. AdvantaSMS is the top Bulk SMS service provider in Kenya specialized in offering customized Bulk SMS services that can meet your business needs and scale up your overall business productivity.

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